About Me

I'm a 30-something year-old...
-Nail Polish Addict
-Art School Escapee dropout
-Martial Arts fanatic
-Font of useless knowledge
-Tea Drinker
-fan of Joss Whedon,Jane Austen and Bruce Lee
-Avid reader
-Empathic intuitive

-fancies herself a writer
-is inexplicably obsessed with Russia
-is kind of a smart-a$$
-is diminutive in stature,but not in spirit
-reads 4-6 books per month
-watches the news like it's going out of style

I've only been overseas once to the UK and France,but i've traveled all over the Eastern U.S. (and some of the South)
Lives in a rural community in Eastern Canada (like,waaay east. Past Montreal)
-Would love to travel more though.

To spread the good news of love and nail polish to all the land!
(and to offer readers a liberal (ha!) dose of cheese.

Welcome to my blog.


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