Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BB Couture Venice Party

...And I'm back! (Again)
With all of these disappearances and reappearances, I'm beginning to feel like a soap-opera character. (Do they still have those? Soap operas, I mean) I was supposed to post last week, but my most recent photos were deleted from my computer (still can't figure out that one), and I was so frustrated that I called the whole thing off altogether.
I found the memory stick they were on, so after much debate--and soul/stash searching--I'm going to be blogging regularly again. (Yay?)

Today's swatch is a re-post of a manicure I did during my very first year of blogging. (I'm not linking because, lazy) I was new to the scene, and had no idea what an indie brand was. (Back then, I wore OPI exclusively) I don't remember how I was introduced to BB Couture, but once I discovered them, I was hooked.

3 coats, lightbox, no topcoat

with flash

...I think this one is also with flash, but I don't remember.
Venice Party is one of my favourites by them. It is an iridescent glitter, complemented by a light-indigo base. My previous swatches don't do it justice, but these ones come pretty close.

I love this colour. The polish itself is of a nice consistency and dries slightly gritty, but it can be smoothed out with a topcoat.
As far as I know, Venice Party is still available for purchase at overallbeauty.com, and it retails for $10.95.

Happy Tuesday!
Ginger-Speaking of which, I haven't purchased any BB Couture in ages! That must be rectified.


  1. Ooooh, that is beautiful. IDK why I don't have this!

  2. Rach-Buy it!I guarantee you will ♥ it!


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