Monday, October 29, 2012

List of The Week:Hurricane Playlist

Here are a bunch of random songs that are either about the wind, or hurricanes. I hope all of you who are in hurricane Sandy's path are safe and sound. I'm sending good vibes your way :)

  1. Waiting For The Hurricane-Chris de Burgh
  2. Mr. Hurricane-Beast
  3. The Wind-Zac Brown Band
  4. Wind of Change-The Scorpions
  5. Hurricane-Theory of a Deadman
  6. Rock You Like A Hurricane-Scorpions (Seriously, what's with these guys and songs about wind?)
  7. Hurricane-Bob Dylan (This is actually about boxer Ruben "The Hurricane" Carter, but its title fits the overall theme)
  8. Blowing in the Wind-Joan Baez (A classic)
  9. Hurricane-30 Seconds To Mars (WHAT.THE.EFF?!)
  10. The Wind-Mariah Carey (From her second album Emotions)
Have a great day!
Ginger-Last week I wore RBL's Poppy for 3 days in a row. Loves it!

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  1. I listened to Bod Dylan Hurricane today! old grey whistle version, Great minds to indeed thnk alike! Joan Baez's Version(blowing in the wind) is awesome and Stevie Wonder did a awesome rendition also great list!


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