Monday, September 24, 2012

Soulstice Spa Troy

Soulstice Spa is a  new-to-me brand that I discovered on the Nail Polish Canada website. The fact that it is both vegan and cruelty-free definitely appealed to me. I love my nail polish, but I'm a little wary of continually exposing myself to older, more toxic formulas, and I usually wear a mask when I paint my nails with my old-school shades.

3 coats indoors no flash
with flash

I chose Troy (named for the Ancient Greek city that is now part of modern-day Turkey) because it combines two of my favourite things, holographic sparkle, and grey nail polish. It's not a linear holo, like OPI My Private Jet, or Color Club Revvvolution, but it's a beautiful shade nonetheless. The formula holds up quite well--especially when you consider the fact that it doesn't have many of the chemicals that bond the lacquer to the nail.

I wore this colour for a few days last week, and it held up surprisingly well while I was at work. I have to admit I don't usually expect much from "indies"--or vegan polish, for that matter--but Soulstice Spa really impressed me. I will definitely purchase more from Soulstice Spa in the future.

In other news, I just scored Essie Viva La Vespa for--get this--a reasonable price! I was stunned to see it priced so close to what I would pay for a regular Essie (they're kind of steep here) so I bought it immediately. I am kind of anxious to see what it looks like in person.

Anyway, that's about all I have for today.
Have a good one :)
Ginger-I've given up on Starry Starry Night completely. Sometimes you just have to learn to let go. :P

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  1. This color is quite pretty. I'm actually a big fan of scattered holo. It usually looks better indoors than strong, linear holos.

    Congrats on your VLV find, but don't give up on SSN. You never know when it might pop up. :)


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