Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Spam:What I Wore This Week

Hello All!

Due to my prolonged absence during the week I am going to be posting 3 times today. All of them will be spam, and all of them will feature short descriptions of the colour, the formula, and whether or not I liked it. It's going to be fun.

Models Own 25 Karat Gold
Coats: 2
Thoughts: I loved this colour. First of all, it's GOLD! (All caps) It's more of a frosty shimmer, but I will always overlook frosty nail polish if I really like the colour. I love gold. I liked this manicure in spite of the fact that I nicked my pinky in between coats and didn't have time to fix it. As a bonus, I received quite a few compliments when I wore it.

Essie Midnight Cami
Worn: Saturday
Thoughts: I've been meaning to wear this one for a while. It's a beautiful twilight blue (according to Essie's website) plus it's shimmery. I really like wearing shimmery jewel tones in the fall. I liked the formula, but the brush was too thin for my big fat nails.
 KleanColor Peacock-a-boo
Thoughts:I like this colour because it reminds me of the suede version of Russian Navy. It's a violet blue foil with lots of silver shimmer. The formula was okay. It didn't dry quickly, and I'm impatient, so that isn't a good thing. The colour makes up for the time it took to dry.

HITS Zeus (No Olimpo Collection)
Thoughts: This was the star of the week! Not only is it a holographic charcoal grey, but it applied well in just two coats, and it wore like iron. I wore it to work and it made it through an entire shift without chipping or scraping off. Zeus also receives bonus points for having a wonderful brush.
can you tell I took this picture in a different location? *sigh*

Happy Saturday!

(I wore Soulstics Spa Troy on Sunday but I already posted it)
Post Two to follow.


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