Friday, August 31, 2012

Way Too Many Pictures of Zoya Ki

Hello All!

Today's mani features a colour that has been on the radar of nail polish aficionados--especially ones who love duo chrome--for a few years now.

Zoya Ki has been in my stash for nearly 4 years, but I have only worn it a few times. 

What I love most about this shade is how versatile it is.
I store it with my purple nail polish, but it could also sit comfortably with green and grey. I took dozens of pictures of Ki in an effort to capture how beautiful it is.

These ones are the best.

lightbox with a different camera setting



another lightbox photo
with flash
I used 3 coats for this manicure because the first two were a little thin for my liking. I really like Zoya's formula and brush. Ki is only a four on Zoya's intensity scale, so it will probably need the 3 coats, but it's a must for anyone who likes strong duochrome/multichrome nail polish.

In other news, the Paralympics have started! I'm glad that our Olympic TV carrier has decided to air some of the events on certain channels. Sure, they're often on at odd times, and none of the events are on the main channel, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I just wish they'd take bigger steps.

Happy Friday!
Ginger-Apparently, I am big a fan of neutrals this month, because 5 out of the 7 shades I purchased were either black/grey, or taupe.

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