Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stone Cold

2 coats 

2 coats with topcoat
Olympic officials insist that the Olympics, at their core, are more about sport than they are about politics. If that's true, than why do athletes compete as representatives of their countries? If the games were really about sport, the athletes would compete as individuals rather than nations. Today's post is going to focus on an historic event that changed the image of the Olympic Games forever.
In 1968, at the Olympic games in Mexico City, Tommie Smith, Australian runner Peter Norman, and John Carlos placed first, second, and third in the 200 metre sprint final. During the medal ceremony, Smith and Carlos each raised a black-gloved fist as the "Star-Spangled Banner" played to symbolize the power and unity of the black race. Norman wore an Olympic Project For Human Rights (OPHR) badge, joining the Americans in their protest. The IOC demanded that that the US Olympic committee ban Smith and Carlos from future track events (the relay was to follow) and expel them from Mexico, claiming that the Olympic games were no place for politics. (Ha!)
Upon arriving back home, Smith and Carlos were greeted with a chilly reception, while receiving support for their cause internationally. When Norman was asked why he was supportive of the Americans, Norman responded that he "Supported human rights." Norman was reprimanded by Olympic officials in Australia, and not only was he banned from participating in future games, the entire Australian track team was as well. All three men ended up losing something. Norman lost his career in track, both Smith and Carlos lost spouses, and they never really regained their reputations as athletes. But they also reminded all of us how important it is to take a stand, even if what you believe is unpopular at the time. In the end, maintaining their integrity proved more important to these men than the medals they won.

When Peter Norman died in 2006, both Smith and Carlos gave eulogies at his funeral, and served as pall-bearers.

I chose to wear Stone Cold by China Glaze because no matter what your political bent, you'd have to be heartless to deprive an athlete of their moment of glory simply because they don't support your political agenda.

I'll be more light-hearted tomorrow.
Ginger-I love all of the patriotic manicures I'm seeing. Keep up the great work :)


  1. Beautiful polish! Your nails are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, wonderful post. It's so much more than just polish.


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