Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Favourite Non-Marquee Olympic Sports

You've all heard the expression, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." Well, the sports I'm about to feature are the "bridesmaids" of the summer Olympics. Admittedly, I invest my full-attention to the sports I truly love (athletics, swimming, gymnastics, and rowing) 
But the following sports are just as entertaining--in spite of the fact that few of them make it to TV.

1. Table Tennis (AKA Ping Pong, especially when played in your cousin's basement)-Finally! An Olympic sport that I can do! Mind you, I suck at table tennis, but it's one  of the more accessible ones to watch.

2.Shooting-I'm pretty sure the shooting events are filmed, but they never make it to air. Too bad. I prefer to see men and women shooting at targets rather than people.

3.Badminton-Who knew that the genteel sport of badminton had the potential to be so scandalous? This holdover from 8th grade gym class is faster and more difficult than it appears to be.

4.Triple Jump-It's not as daring as the pole vault, not as visually impressive as the long jump, and it is mostly ignored and relegated to the "it's-2am-and-what-am-I-watching?" time-slot, but it is still great to watch...if you can wake up early enough.

5.Water Polo-Thank God this sport is gaining in popularity! I love watching water polo for 3 main reasons: 1. The men are always gorgeous ,2. They're also really tall, and 3.Oh yeah, the game itself is fast-paced and exciting.

Today's mani is BB Couture Blind Love. It's a green-toned gold foil that is just beautiful. (Formula and application are perfect) This is 2 coats.

Happy Saturday!

Ginger-Motto for the USA swim team: Win ALL the medals! 

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  1. These Olympics are the first time I've ever watched water polo, and I've seriously fallen in love with it! For whatever reason, it reminds me of hockey (although I might just be a little over-obsessed with that!).


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