Friday, August 10, 2012

My Favourite Athletes

In no particular order:

Clara Hughes (Canada) She overcame a troubled past to become one of only a smattering of people to win Olympic medals in both the summer and winter games, including a gold medal in long-track speed-skating in Torino in 2006. She didn't win a medal in London, but she remains one of the most decorated athletes in Canadian history.

Usain Bolt (Jamaica) The undisputed fastest man in the world. He has character, confidence, and I'm still amazed at how relaxed he looks before races.

Oscar Pistorius-South Africa The fact that he's even at these Olympics is a testament to his strength as a runner. He has placed himself among the greatest Olympians of all time with strength and humility.

Michael Phelps (USA) He has won more Olympic medals than anyone else. He gives back to his community, and he doesn't go around bragging about how great he is--even though he has reason to. I like him.

Kirani James (Grenada) A 19 year-old who, after winning his heat in the semi-finals, switched race bibs with last place finisher, South African runner, Oscar Pistorius. When asked by reporters why he made such a humble gesture, he told them that he was "honoured to be in a race with [Pistorius]." Plus, after he won the 800m, he took the time to shake the hands of all the men he raced against. Excellent sportsmanship.

Mark Oldershaw (Canada) Mark is the fifth Oldershaw man to make it to the Olympics, (his grandfather paddled at the second London Games) and after winning bronze on Wednesday, he's the first one to win a medal. His reaction at the finish line was a joy to watch.

Gabby Douglas (USA) After becoming the first African-American woman to win the individual all-around, Gabby took the t
ime to give God the credit. That's wonderful.

Today's mani is Orly Out Of This World, a purple shimmer with slight duochrome, because you have to be an 'out-of-this-world' type of athlete to even make it to the Olympics.

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