Saturday, August 18, 2012

List Of The Week:The Olympics Are Over

I have recovered from my Olympics hangover quite well...although, I have made up for it by watching late-night talk shows and just about all of the popular (American) athletes have done at least one or two. Since I'm still in an "Olympic" frame of mind, I've put together this random Olympic-sized playlist to tide me over for another 4 years. Well see how that goes.

  1. "Galvanize"-The Chemical Brothers
  2. "Survival"-Muse
  3. "We Are The Champions"-Queen
  4. "We Will Rock You"-Queen
  5. "The Power"-SNAP!
  6. "Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat Theme)"-Oliver Adams
  7. "Eye Of the Tiger"-Survivor (I had to.)
  8. "Lose Yourself"-Eminem
  9. "We Won't Get Fooled Again"-The Who
  10. "Rule The World"-Take That
  11. "Right Here Right Now"-Fatboy Slim
  12. "Civilization"-Justice
I hope you enjoyed it! You'll see post #2 later on today.

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