Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rob the Jewelry Store and Tell 'Em Make Me A Grill

Wearing custom grills (or grillz if you prefer) used to be the domain of rappers and pro athletes. But, thanks to a swimmer named Ryan Lochte,  Olympians can also sport them with pride. When I first heard he wore them, my first thought was, "A swimmer? I can see someone like Flavor Flav wearing grills, but they're kinda lame on a swimmer."  (Add snooty voice)
Well, thankfully, Lochte has the skills--not to mention the looks, to support all the swagger. 
I apologize for my rush to judgment.

To tie in nicely with the theme, I decided to wear Lucy Diamond by Quirius.
It's a kick-butt vibrant blue with subtle shimmer. It isn't as light as this in real life, so I included a photo of a shade of blue that's closer.

This is 3 coats in overcast light.

this is what it actually looks like.

Aside from Olympians wearing diamond grills, I have also seen gold shoes (on runner Michael Johnson at the 1996 Atlanta games) patriotic blue nails, (on Swedish skip Anette Norberg at the 2010 Vancouver games), and even though they rarely ever wear anything outlandish, each time the pros of the USA basketball team step anywhere, they are cloaked in swagger. Respect.

Happy Sunday, sports fans!

Ginger-Now I have the song "Grillz" stuck in my head. Yay.

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