Sunday, July 22, 2012

OPI Teal the Cows Come Home

It's all my hairdresser's fault.

I wasn't supposed to buy any more nail polish until the fall. The woman who does my hair changed salons, so I thought I was safe. They don't have an aesthetician, and they don't sell nail polish. Or at least, they didn't. When I went to get my hair cut recently, not only did they have a full-time aesthetician, they also had an entire rack of nail polish. Oh dear.

Anyway, I spotted a Teal the Cows Come Home--a colour I have been meaning to buy for several years--and somehow it ended up on my bill.
So much for austerity.

Teal the Cows Come Home is a light teal with a frosty/shimmery base. I don't really know what to call this--it isn't a true frost (thank God) but it isn't a shimmer either. It's a mix between the two, and surprisingly, it works. I really like the colour, and the formula is a little bit sheer, but nice. I'm going to add this to the "win" column.

3 coats, direct sun

In other news, my cuticles have taken a turn for the worse. No amount of oil, cuticle remover, or TLC can return them to their former glory. Unfortunately for the readers of this blog (the 5 of you that are still out there) this means that you'll have to deal with enlarged photos of my raggedy-ass cuticles.
Sorry about that.

On that note, have a good evening.
Ginger-I'm currently wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Ghost. I love this colour! (Even with my raggedy hands)

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