Sunday, July 8, 2012

OPI Animal-istic

I had high hopes for this collection. A shimmery, glittery, collection devoted entirely to The Muppet Movie? Yes Please!

However, when I finally saw the swatches I was disappointed. Most of the glitters were more sheer than I thought they would be and I wasn't into buying a bunch of layering nail polish. (Not that there's anything wrong with layering polish) That said, I loved the shimmers and I'm pretty sure I have all of them (I say 'pretty sure' because I don't remember)

Animal-istic was one that I almost passed on, in spite of my undying devotion to shimmery reds. As fate would have it, just as I decided that I had my fill of the shimmers, this one went on sale for half price. It was like they saw me coming!

It's overcast and chilly here so these photos don't capture the pink glass flecks well, but they are there in abundance. It's not particularly unique, but that's okay because it's red.
 Red never goes out of style.

indoors open shade

natural light

So these are great--especially the shimmers. I have to say, OPI is still my all-time favourite brand because I love how consistent they are. I know I can find at least 4 (or 12) colours I like in any given collection. You can't mess with those results.

That's all I have for now. Have a great Sunday!
Ginger-Next up, the Germany collection. There are nine that will be mine.


  1. You were not alone in being disappointed with the OPI Muppets collection releases. Yet oddly now I am seeing a few shades out of it (non glitter ones) being gobbled up and starting to rise in price a bit on the secondary market.

  2. I only own one and I didn't love it either. But this is super pretty and your nails looks fabulous!

  3. Warm & Fozzie was my favorite. I've gone through two bottles.


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