Saturday, July 28, 2012

Off-Topic (Sort of): Opening Ceremonies

Hello All! I don't have any nail polish today because, surprise, I was watching the Olympics all day.
I also watched the opening ceremonies and was awed by the spectacle of it all.
 The Brits did a great job. :)

I think our shared history is the reason we Canadians understand the British  so well. Last night during the opening ceremonies, my phone blew up with all sorts of affirmative texts. (Sample: "Isn't this great!", "So Touching!", "Beautiful!")
 A few hours later, when the Americans got to watch, all I heard was, "WTF?", "I don't get it.", "This is bad". I, on the other hand, loved every artfully directed minute of it. (Even the odd Sgt. Pepper parade. At that point, even I was saying 'what the eff', but it worked. In a very weird way.) I thought the dancing nurses were adorable. I'm a sucker for choreographed routines, and I was doubly impressed that the dancers were in fact, real nurses. I enjoyed seeing reclusive/normal author J.K. Rowling reading Peter Pan. And the parade of villains? Great.
There's nothing quite like seeing a giant Voldemort getting beaten down by a hoard of Mary Poppinses. (plural)
My favourite parts (other than the parade of nations, the tribute to the victims of 7/7, and the 4 decades of UK music) were the unexpected cameo by the Queen, and seeing Rowan Atkinson (a.k.a. Mr Bean) totally overshadowing the British Philharmonic Orchestra and "Chariots of Fire". And Paul McCartney.
And David Beckham looking dashing while on a boat was also a plus.
 (Also, Dizzee Rascal killed! )

I've watched every Olympics since 1988, and I can honestly say I didn't see anything "glitchy" happen. In 1988 in Seoul, a dove was burnt to death after flying a little too close to the cauldron (which serves to prove my assertion that doves are just white pigeons). At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, one of the "legs"of the cauldron didn't come out properly, and in 2008, Bejiing was criticized for all the lipsyncing. Still, the opening ceremonies are my favourite part of every Olympics. At that moment everyone is equal. Each athlete has earned--or fought--for the right to be there, and they are all winners. In the 17 days that follow, many of them will leave London without a medal. Some will be heavily favoured only to leave in disappointment, and someone unexpected will shock everyone by rising to the occasion at the perfect time.
 That's what I love about the Olympics, and that's what I love about life; you never really know what to expect, but the journey--no matter what the outcome--is worthwhile.

Happy Saturday!
Ginger-I want a pair of those boots the Czech team were sporting. They are nice!

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