Monday, July 2, 2012

List Of The Week: Move Your Behind!

I've been fit for most of my life but I really hate exercise.(Jumping jacks make me stabby, I do not like sit-ups or crunches, and I think spinning is ridiculous) However, I love running so it is one of the few exercises that I do on a regular basis. This playlist helps keep me moving at a good pace. (Also, I secretly run along with the beat)

1. Clear!-Kardinal Offishall
2. Are You The One?-The Presets
3. 4 3 2 1- K-OS
4. Running-Jully Black
7. Eye of The Tiger-Survivor

Don't hate me cause my taste in music is awesome.

Happy Monday!

Ginger- I celebrated Canada Day by doing absolutely nothing while wearing red. Yay.

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