Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gosh Rebel Yell

I have to admit I bought this one mostly because of its name.

Rebel Yell is a beautiful deep teal creme with just a hint of shimmer. I honestly didn't notice it until I was editing my photos. My reaction? Whoa!
I love subtle shimmer because it adds a little something extra to the nail polish. I was already sold on this colour because it's a murky dark teal, but the shimmer makes it even more amazing.

2 coats, no flash
with flash

I like the formula. It wasn't slippery, or thick, but the brush was a little narrow for my big nails--a small critique of an overall great polish.
Gosh has been made a core line in the drugstore I frequent, so it's available all the time. It's on the pricier end of drugstore brands, but that doesn't mean I won't buy their products. Money is no object. (Hah!)

Happy Sunday!
Ginger-I promised myself that I wouldn't get suckered into watching 'Big Brother' this year...and then they added some of my favourite All-Stars. Darn.

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