Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Under The Stars

Under The Stars, I have wanted you for a very long time. When I first started blogging, I balked at your $18 price tag. I repeatedly told myself that I could never afford you--and then proceeded to spend hundreds of dollars on similar colours, trying to fill the void.

When I finally decided to buy you, you were sold out.  From that point on I decided that once you became available again, I would buy you--no hesitation.
I'm so glad I did :)

OK, enough of that, now let's get to the business.

Under The Stars is a midnight blue glitter with a shimmer base. Since most glitters are jelly based, I assumed this was true of Under The Stars. It's not and that is why I love it so. The formula was perfect, UTS is a one-coater with a steady hand, but since I don't have one I used two.
I've decide that I also need Black Russian because it has a similar shimmer/glitter base. (I'm gonna need a separate nail polish account just for RBL polishes!) Sigh.

Well, this is what I'm wearing today, what's on your nails?

Ginger-I also need Stormy, Grunge, and Plie. That is all.

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