Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Camera Hates Me, But I'm Posting These Anyway

As I mentioned in my previous post, my camera hates me. These photos are my failed attempts at capturing a sharp, in-focus picture of OPI Merryberry Mauve. It's an "old school", big-3-full shade from one of OPI's Holiday collections. (It also had a matching glitter topcoat)
It's a pink-mauve with amber duochrome. If my pictures were actually in-focus you would see how beautiful and shimmery it is, instead you get to see everything blurred and hazy. Yay for you.

In spite of my camera failure, the colours are pretty close to real-life. My camera can't pick up red, but it did a great job highlighting the amber tones. At least that's something.
 All photos are 3 coats with no base or topcoat.

Merryberry Mauve is hard to find, but I think it can be purchased from a few sellers on ebay.

Happy Wednesday!
Ginger-Well, at least my hands look okay.

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  1. Cameras love none of us and can't ever understand purple. Computer screens can't render shades of red. :D

    It reminds me of L.A Colors "Enchanting". They have kind of fallen out of trend but I miss great colors like that. The amber against your skin is fabulous.


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