Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grey Matters

As few months ago I went through a phase in which grey was the only nail polish colour that caught my attention. I walked by dozens of vibrant pinks, brilliant blues, and sultry reds, and headed straight towards the lone grey. It's funny how times change; what was once only released in themed limited edition collections is now a core colour. I scoffed the first time I saw it in a magazine, thinking it was too drab to be worn regularly. I was wrong.

Today's grey is the appropriately named Grey Matters by Misa. It is a cool-toned pale grey with silvery shimmer and as if that wasn't enough, dark flecks that give it the appearance of marble. This nail polish is amazingly beautiful.  I took quite a few (mediocre) pictures to capture how pretty it is and I almost succeeded.

direct sun, 2 coats



ambient light (please disregard my dry cuticles)
This morning my very conservative mother surprised me by asking for grey nail polish to paint her toes. My mother. Who thinks that beige is a real colour. And loves frosty white nail polish.
Clearly, my influence is beginning to rub off on people.

I hope all is well with you, lovely readers. Have a great week!

Ginger-I have decided to post my busted, dry hands anyway. At least I don't have blisters.


  1. Gosh, that really is pretty.

  2. this is an awesome grey! After wearing lots of bright shades I always have a grey addiction.


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