Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360

 I love aqua, so purchasing 360 was kind of a no-brainer.

I used to be one of those people who said, "Oh, it's pretty, but I'll wait until another brand releases a copy of it." 

I have since adjusted my stance to, "Hell no! I'm not waiting for the knock-off, I want the original!" 
Especially since I know that the owner has fastidiously inspected the colour and formula for any defects, and made sure that the product being sold to the public was the best it could possibly be. 
That's a quality my perfectionist self can appreciate.

I avoided brands like this because I thought there was no way I could justify spending so much on a single bottle of nail polish. Of course, I had to analyze the cost-vs.-size, how many coats per nail, the amount of wear per application, and how long it would take to use a full bottle. (This is how my brain works, people) Since I use one to two coats per nail, and each mani lasts me approximately 1 week, I've decided that the quality is worth the price.
Besides, my stash is overflowing and I'd rather spend a lot of money on a few, than little money on a lot.
There's no way I'd have the room for more.

360 can be best described as a dusty aqua with subtle shimmer. The shimmer, when visible, looks a bit like what I imagine fairy dust would look like, multicoloured and radiant.
2 coats indoors no flash

with flash
I know the prospect of spending $18-$20 on 1 bottle seems a little excessive but it is a really good way to treat yourself, particularly if you're like me in the sense that buying handbags and shoes makes you angry after a while. (Seriously)
On the other hand, I could shop for nail polish forever. 
Hence the blog.

Happy Sunday!
Ginger-I cooked supper twice in a row. I'm done.


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