Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Zoya Happi

Oh my gosh, it has been far too long!
Today's Pink Wednesday offering has been in my stash since the release date. I've worn it in real-life, but haven't featured it on this blog until today.
The first photo is a lot little sun-drenched, but Happi is basically a medium pink with iridescent shimmer. At some angles it flashes green, in others it flashes gold.
 Either way, Happi is a stunner.

direct sun, 3 coats

shade, (this is actually what it looks like)
The formula is really good. Zoya is one of the best mid-range salon brands in the market, and the bottles are just adorable! (because stuff like that is important to me)

Happy Wednesday!

Ginger-I need a good 'light' read. Any recommendations?

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