Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Well...kind of. I figured I'd ease my way into blogging regularly again with a few text posts. (And I'm currently in my "Waah-all-my-pictures-suck" phase.) First things first, How is everyone? Have you purchased anything exciting? How is life treating you?
I spent my hiatus trying to avoid all things nail polish related, but I still managed to buy every colour in RBL's Fan collection (I have no regrets), the two greens from OPI's Spiderman collection, and 10 of the 12 Capitol Colors from China Glaze. However, I did avoid dropping $16 plus tax on the black holo from Layla,*pats self on back* mostly because I have the original OPI My Private Jet with a back up, and 2 bottles of the "good" version of Color Club Revvvolution. in other words, I have grey/black linear holos coming out of my eyeballs. (Not literally of course--I have yet to meet a hyperbolic statement that I didn't abuse.)
Other than trying to keep my nail polish habit under control, (Note:Y'all are not helpful at all) I have been drinking (and buying) lots of tea, watching TV (Modern Family and Once Upon A Time and Community are my faves, ANTM has been dead to me since they announced that Nigel Barker, Mr Jay, and Miss J the runway coach were axed), and trying not to freak out my coworkers with my new-found ESP. (OK, I'm totally lying about the last one. Or am I?)
Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm not dead, I haven't forgotten about you, and I definitely intend to give you something to read/look at in the near future. I'm not going to promise to be entertaining because, hey, this is me we're talking about. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people on earth who can take a short story and make it long, and a long story even longer. But, I will vow to be honest because I have a long list of products that I did not like and I've been anxious to share them with someone. (Seriously, even my 4 year-old niece is bored with hearing me chat about make up.)
Long story long, I'm back. And definitely here to stay.

Happy Sunday Beautiful People!


  1. Back on the Block! Blog! I have missed you and I understand that so much more now with parenting+ school+ new job, It's daunting but do able gotta pace yourself. And I for one am eager to see your swatches and reviews.


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