Tuesday, May 29, 2012

China Glaze Harvest Moon

Isn't this lovely?

I am a serious Hunger Games fangirl. I read all of the books in one sitting, I've seen the movie, and it is truly one of my favourite book trilogies of all-time.
When I found out the China Glaze was releasing a Hunger Games themed collection my first thought was, "I must have them all." And then I saw the swatches and said, "I must have only10." (I didn't really love Mahogany Magic or Hook and Line)
Harvest Moon was a must-have for me because it's such a gorgeous shade of bronze. I initially thought the shimmer was all gold, but then I noticed the orange. It's just beautiful.

2 coats indirect sun
Harvest Moon is a Spring colour, but I'm definitely going to wear it in the fall. It's just perfect! 

Happy Tuesday!
Ginger-I do not need more nail polish. I repeat, I DO NOT NEED MORE NAIL POLISH!


  1. I looooved this color when I wore it and I can't wait to wear it again come fall!

    1. It's really stunning!I think I'll wait until then to wear it.


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