Tuesday, April 10, 2012

China Glaze DV8

I plead ignorance; I had no idea what "text-speak" was until a few years ago. When people would type 'LOL' in a text message, I'd read it as 'loll' or 'lawl'. Even more confusing? 'IMO' (in my humble opinion), 'SMH' (shaking my head), and 'LMAO'(laughing my ass off). I'm pretty acronym-savvy now, but occasionally I see one I don't know and I get confused again. 
I'm old.
Anyway, China Glaze's OMG! 2BKEWL/2BHOT Spring 2008 collection featured 12 holographic shades with text-friendly names. Most of the shades are still available on evilbay...for exorbitant amounts of money. 

DV8 or 'deviate' is a turquoise-blue linear holo. I only used 2 carefully-painted  coats because if you paint too quickly it looks sloppy and uneven, and if you pain too slowly the polish dries and you get bald spots.

I love holographic nail polish. Apparently, the pigment used to create the holographic effect is quite pricey, otherwise, we'd see companies release them more often--based on popularity alone.

That's about all. I would say more, but I'm boring myself. 

Happy Tuesday!
Ginger-I am such a hermit lately. All I need is a cabin in the woods. And some type of bridge to guard.

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