Sunday, March 11, 2012

NOTD: OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam

I love the name of this one :) 
For the most part, the names chosen for the Holland collection are more 'cute' punny, than 'annoying' punny. Nice one, OPI!
 Anyway, this is my first purchase from the aforementioned collection and I really like it a lot. Blue is a colour that I am always drawn to--especially if it is either bright and vibrant, or muted and dusty.

I Don't Give A Rotterdam falls into the latter category. To my eyes, it looks like a cornflower blue with silver shimmer, but it looks greyish in certain lights, which leads me to believe that it is actually glaucous blue. (My colour vocabulary is so off since I dropped out of art college!)

Either way, it's a winner.

2 coats indirect light,CND Stickey Base coat, and Air Dry topcoat

indirect sun
How is everyone? I'm trying to scale back the amount of time I spend reading blogs because, well, I just don't have the disposable income that I used to. I made the mistake of reading all the reviews for RBL's fan collection, and have decided that I want them all. I'm going to be extremely tight-fisted when it comes to nail polish purchases until I save enough money to buy them without hating myself for it.
Hurrah for discipline.

Happy Sunday!
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