Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BB Couture For Men: Outlaw

It's been a while since I've featured BB Couture on this blog. (Way too long in my opinion!) I'm going to show you one of my favourites from 2011, Outlaw from the men's Wild West collection.

The glitter is what makes Outlaw such a stand-out. It's purple with multi-coloured micro-glitter--including sparse red glitter pieces. It's an unexpected and unique take on an old classic, and it's beautiful.
I'm obsessed with it :)

3 coats,lightbox

with flash (this is closest to what it looks like in real-life)
I haven't been 'hauling' as much as I used to, so my BB Couture stash has yet to be updated. Not that I mind, I still have many that haven't been worn.

Story of my nail-polish-loving life.

Happy Tuesday!
Ginger-I've been waiting for a parcel for almost a month. I shouldn't panic, right?

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  1. No dont panic, I have a parcel that gave me a 25 day shipping ~imagine that waiting a month! Yes BB is the bomb sadly I dont own any. Nice post !!


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