Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday:Essie Splash of Grenadine

Greetings from the summer of 2010! This beauty is part of Essie's Resort Collection. I passed on the most popular shades, Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise and Caicos, but purchased this and Playa Del Platinum almost immediately. 

Splash of Grenadine is what I like to call an "in-between" colour. It's both purple...and pink. Essie's website calls it magenta, so I guess I agree. It's beautiful, whatever it is, and the formula is perfect too. 
This Wednesday's offering is a winner :)

3 coats, lightbox
I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Ginger-In just two weeks I've gotten 9 paper cuts! Winter needs to be over now.


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