Wednesday, February 1, 2012

List Of The Week: This is Me in Grade 9

Or more specifically, 'This is what I liked in Grade 9' (or if you prefer, "9th Grade") I was a shy, mousy loner in 1995. I had lots of acquaintances but only one person I'd consider a friend. We were both old souls who liked talking about current events, politics, and shows that no one else in our age group watched. (I was partial to Frasier, he liked 60 Minutes), One thing in my that was decidedly youthful and mainstream was the music I listened to. (Well, with the exception of one Elton John song that I was obsessed with) Here's a list of my favourites

In no particular order

1. Believe-Elton John  The aforementioned Elton John song.
2.This Is How We Do It-Montell Jordan I still listen to this song, actually.
3.You Gotta Be-Des'Ree This song was like a rallying cry for every insecure man, woman, and child. It only took me another 12 years to follow her advice. Play it when you need encouragement.
4. Gangsta's Paradise-Coolio In the battle between 'Old School Rap' and 'New School Rap' I'm firmly siding with Team Old School.
5.Dear Mama-2Pac This song still chokes me up. Such a touching tribute.
6.1st of Tha Month-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony I had no idea what '1st of the month' meant until my American cousin told me. I was very sheltered as a kid.
7.Believe-Blessid Union of Souls The first time I heard this was on an episode of Real World London  (the one where Jay's girlfriend comes to visit--I'm ashamed I still remember that) Great song.
8.I Wish-Skee-Lo Loved this song! It was pure fun :)
9. Kiss From A Rose-Seal This song is perfect and I will love it forever.
10.December-Collective Soul One of the few rock songs that made the 'Hot 100' list. And it still gets played on radio! It's a good song, so I totally understand.

Thanks for playing along, and have a happy Wednesday!

Ginger-who will need at least six of ChG's Colors From the Capitol  shades. It's going to be a great Spring!

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  1. AHAHAHA. I LOVED that Des'ree song, and I still do! Nothing like the '90s, baby. :)


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