Monday, January 16, 2012

Old School: OPI La Collection De France

As a devoted OPI fan, I've seen (and purchased) a lot of their collections over the years. Even though there are gems in all of them, some collections stand out as pretty close to perfect; La Collection De France (from Fall 2008) is one of the great ones.
I can't say that I disliked a single shade in the entire collection, that's rare for me--especially when you take into account how fussy I am. I've decided to give you a second look--just to remind you of how great Le Collection De France truly was (and is).

You Don't Know Jacques

(taupe creme)
The undisputed king (queen?) of the collection. I have to admit, my first reaction upon seeing a murky taupe among all the reds and purples was "Ew". However, YDKJ has become one of my favourites, simply because it's so different from the average. I blame my initial negative reaction on my unwillingness to break from the norm. I'm glad I'm over it because this colour is great!

3 coats

Bastille My Heart

(burgundy shimmer)

This is another favourite. I wore it often and my bottle is almost gone. This one doesn't get as much attention as YDKJ and Parlez-Vous OPI (one of the 6 that I don't own), but it's beautiful in its own right.

it's deeper and less 'red' than it looks-2 coats

Yes...I Can-Can!

(eggplant shimmer)

I love vampy, dark shades for fall! (I may have mentioned this a couple hundred times before!) Yes I Can-Can is the second shade I purchased...and it's also on its last legs. (No pun intended)
3 coats

I'm Fondue Of You

(red-brown shimmer)

I love this one too. It's a typical 'fall' colour and it has a warmth to it that's oddly comforting. The name is cute as well.

3 coats

Eiffel For This Color!

(dark purple shimmer)

Another winner. This is one of the most chic colours of the collection. At the time, black-ish nail polish was huge, and Eiffel For this Colour is yet another addition to the almost-black purple family (along with nail polish juggernaut Lincoln Park After Dark)

3 coats
 We'll Always Have Paris

(maroon creme)

This is the first shade that caught my eye. (What a shock :P) I bought it the day before I went on vacation that year, and subsequently wore it for the entire trip. I just love colours like this! (She said for the hundredth time)
3 coats
This is one of my favourite nail polish collections of all time. I loved every colour--even the ones I didn't pick up like Tickle My France-y and A Oui Bit Of Red. The formula was consistently great (even if Bastille My Heart stains. A lot) As a total lacquer-head I love originality, but I'm also comforted by the classics. Honestly, I think I'd be a little exhausted if every colour was a totally unique "must-buy".
 I'd also be a little broke. 
A little consistency is a good thing :)

Happy Monday!
Ginger-who is expecting things in the mail, but refuses to walk to the mail box because it is too cold outside.

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  1. They all look great, but I love Eiffel for this Color the most!


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