Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Love This Colour, But...

...It took 7 coats of nail polish to get it to look like this! The offending polish is one that I had high hopes for, Zoya Vegas Freeze. It looks so sparkly and opaque in bottle pictures, I was expecting the same thing in real life. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. If I had known at the time about Zoya's 5 point intensity scale, I would have seen that Vegas Freeze was close to the bottom (it's since been discontinued, but I think it was a 2).
On average I use 2-3 coats, 4 if the colour is really sheer--but 7 coats that's insane!
In spite of my initial disappointment in the opacity (or lack thereof), I love this colour. It's twinkly, sparkly, and beautiful and it looks amazing when layered over darker colours. Which is what I'll be using it for from now on.
Seven coats! Honestly, who has that kind of time?
 Oh wait, I do.

Happy Saturday Ladies.
Ginger-who went to the mailbox to retrieve her latest haul...and realized that the mailbox was frozen shut. Oh the joys of living in Canada during the winter!


  1. Ha! I'm in Canada too, BC. Where abouts are you? Love this color, but ya, 7 coats is a lot! Very pretty though. I bet it would be nice layered over a soft pink or purple too.

  2. @Anne-Yay!I'm in the Maritimes!(Nova Scotia to be specific) I haven't tried it over a light colour yet. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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