Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This has got to be one of the best colours I've purchased this year. I used to be a real brand snob, buying OPI exclusively for 4 years straight just because I thought 'drugstore brand' was synonymous with 'low-quality'. Here's the thing; drugstore nail polish is actually quite good. I missed out on a lot of great colours because of my snooty ways and I'm glad I've broadened my horizons.

I bought Decadent by Revlon during the holidays (when I really should have been buying presents for other people). It's a rich violet shimmer that has a matching lip gloss. I didn't buy the lip gloss, but the nail polish is absolutely stunning!

3 coats lightbox

The formula is slippery, but good. This is a part of Revlon's Top Speed line so it dries in a good amount of time. Case in point, I once painted my nails on a lunch break and they were dry before it was over. That makes it a winner in my book :)

Happy Tuesday!

Ginger-who has to change which coat I wear a few times a week because the temperature fluctuates so much. Dear Weather, Either it's spring or it's winter. Make up your mind!

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  1. Purple polish always looks good on you. I think I'll ask for a few more weeks of winter. But then, I'm in Florida and it's early summer here already.


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