Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color Club Slow Jam

Slow Jam is a deep burgundy shimmer released in 2008 as a part of Color Club's Musique collection. I missed out on it the first time, but found it later as a set in Winners (the Canadian version of TJ Maxx) I'm far too picky to organize my stash by colour, but if I did I'd have at least 1 whole drawer devoted to this colour alone. I love red. I love all shades of red. And while I prefer the shimmery variety, I have plenty of red cremes too. I love Slow Jam because it's slightly more 'brown' than the other burgundy nail polish I have, and unlike a lot of lacquerheads, I love brown nail polish. (I'm a contrarian by nature)

3 coats lightbox

3 coats with flash (this brings out the red)
I love Color Club nail polish. It's good quality, it's affordable, the colours are interesting, and they come in square bottles that are easy to store. I wish they were more readily available here.

Happy Saturday!
Ginger-who bought myself 2 RBLs for my birthday. I enjoy disposable income!

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