Friday, January 13, 2012

China Glaze Midtown Magic

I wore this awhile ago but I was too self-conscious to publish the photos. Since they've been saved in my computer forever (and I can't remember why I didn't want you all to see these) I'm publishing them today.

I love Midtown Magic because it reminds me of a "jacked up on sparkle" version of one of my favourites, Side Saddle. It's the same plummy brown (or 'Puce' if you're fancy) only with larger, multi-coloured glitter. It's also really shiny. I love a shiny-without-topcoat polish :)
3 coats, open shade

direct sun
The Metro Collection was one of the few ChG fall collections that I didn't purchase in full. I liked all of the colours, but I only purchased the ones I *loved*. Midtown Magic is definitely a "vampy", so naturally, it's one of my must-haves from that line. Which ones did you guys pick up?

Happy Friday!
Ginger-who is spending the day relaxing and celebrating :)


  1. "(or 'Puce' if you're fancy)" I love it! MM is such a pretty color, and I'm feelin' pretty fancy today! lol

    I had OPI DS Mystery before I bought this and almost didn't because I thought they looked too similar. WAY wrong, the bases are so different.

  2. I love it on you! I picked up all the glitters.


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