Saturday, December 24, 2011

List Of The Week: Songs I Have On Repeat

1. Constant Surprises-Little Dragon This song is an unexpected treat. I heard it once, became obsessed with finding it and immediately added it to my playlist. I've been listening to it ever since.

2. Come Here Boy-Imogen Heap I love this artist! This song is from waay back in 1998, but it brings back some great memories of my teen years.

3. Pearl's Dream-Bat For Lashes I discovered Bat For Lashes via LastFM. I'm definitely a fan, and this is my favourite song by her.

4. Holly-Sleigh Bells I love the guitar riffs. That is all

5. The Dance-Charlotte Martin This song is amazing. I love Charlotte Martin's voice, as well as her use of drums.

6. Perfection-Oh Land Just a groovy, mellow, song.

7. If I Had A Heart-Fever Ray My brother is obsessed with Breaking Bad. I've only seen one episode, and this song was playing in one really disturbing scene. It's kind of tribal-sounding. I like it a lot.

8. Pyramid Song-Radiohead I love this song forever.

9. Beautiful Love-The Afters Dreamy.

10.Look At Me Now (Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, 'Lil Wayne)-Cover by @KarminMusic Let me state, for the record that I do not like Chris Brown. I never have. My favourite part of this song features Busta Rhymes; the cadence of his flow is perfect. This is an amazing cover.

This is one of many posts I have scheduled for this evening. I hope you like spam :P

Happy Christmas Eve!
Ginger-who is so excited for tomorrow!

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