Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Wednesday

I know, it's supposed to be Pink Wednesday but I haven't worn pink nail polish in 2 weeks so this is what you're getting instead. Yay Blue! 

Today's blue is part of the ubiquitous and inexpensive Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line. Ocean View is cerulean blue shimmer/frost. This photo makes it look kind of metallic, but it isn't. It's frosty enough to still be considered a frost, but it has enough shimmer to make it tolerable for me. I don't like frosts at all  much,  and I rarely every buy them, but this is pretty. Plus, it was inexpensive ($2.99 CAN). The formula was standard; not great, but not horrible. All in all, a good buy.

3 coats indoors, no flash (excuse my dry hands)

I've been wearing a lot of blue, grey, and green nail polish lately--with the occasional purple or red--just to mix things up. I guess I'm becoming a bit more 'safe' in my colour choices these days. Ugh. That needs to change.

Happy Wednesday!
Ginger-I'm wearing a bright pink tomorrow to get back to my rebellious "Colour-seasons-be-damned!" ways.

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  1. i will get back to my "color seasons-be damned" mode after christmas.i can only wear glitter, vamps and most of all, red for so long. bring on the yellows and brights.


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