Saturday, December 17, 2011

Avon Violetta Sparkle

I'm still miffed that I missed out on Golden Twilight, so I made sure I got my hands on both of Avon's 2011 Holiday lacquers before they were snapped up. Man, am I glad I made that decision! Violetta Sparkle embodies everything I love about nail polish; it's beautiful, it's sparkly, and it's vampy. I adore it!

It's a lovely violet with pink and gold glass flecks--a great shade for the holidays. At first glance it reminded me a bit of OPI DS Mystery, but it's lighter and more discernibly purple. 

All of my photos are using the dreaded 'three-finger-method' because I have an ugly scab directly underneath the cuticle on my index finger, and I thought I'd spare you the grossness of seeing it enlarged.
indoors no flash 2 coats

with flash
I love holiday-themed nail polish! While I haven't purchased from every collection, I do love the look of a festive manicure--in any colour. Violetta Sparkle is available for purchase through Avon's website, or through your friendly neighbourhood Avon representative.

Happy Shopping!

Ginger-I'm going to employ the K.I.S.S. method when it comes to Christmas preparations. Because of all the stress I ended up with the flu on Christmas Day last year. There will not be a repeat.

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