Monday, November 14, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins Week: Greed

Greed: grēd: the wanting of more than one's share; extreme or excessive desire.

Friedrich Engels was quoted as saying, "From the first day to this, sheer greed was the driving spirit of civilization."

Gordon Gekko said that "Greed is good."

OK, so the second guy wasn't a real person, but his sentiments are sadly still believed by some. One of the best examples I can think of is the show Extreme Couponing. My friends love it, but I have a hard time watching people stockpiling food, toiletries, and other household items--just because they had a coupon. I know  it's smart shopping, it's economically frugal, and some of the people give a lot of what they buy to charity, but seriously, who needs 40 bottles of shampoo?

Greed is not good. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who's lost a job because of the economic downturn. ( FYI-Greed is to blame for this mess.)

I never would have pegged this genteel pink-mauve to represent Greed. It's almost delicate. It's the type of colour you wear to church, or a tea party, or a wedding. I'm about to sound like a broken record, but the formula was perfect. 2 coats cover the nail nicely.

Pardon the tipwear, this was on my nails for a few days :P

So what do you think of Greed? What do you think of this series in general? Isn't this the longest week ever?
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Happy Monday!

Ginger-who has given in to greed in the past because I wasn't used to sharing.

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