Saturday, November 26, 2011

China Glaze Tinsel Town

I hate tinsel. It's probably my least favourite Christmas decoration because it's so messy. Every tree I've decorated with tinsel always looks as though it was attacked by a mob of angry fairies. Not to mention the amount of mess it causes--I clearly remember finding bits of tinsel well into February. I prefer tinsel-free trees, thank you. I'll just settle for wearing blingy tinsel polish on my nails

Tinsel Town is a bit of a deviation from the norm; most holiday-themed silver polishes are light, and more blue-toned. This is a black/charcoal grey jelly with multi-sized silver glitter. It's definitely an oddball pick for the season but I like it a lot. The formula is pretty stellar too, this is just 2 coats and I wore it for 4 straight days with no chipping or tip-wear. 

indoors,no flash, in lightbox
I also purchased Blue Years Eve and Twinkle Lights from this collection, but I'm apprehensive about buying the reds because I have TOO MANY! 

I'll probably be getting them anyway :P

Happy Saturday!
Ginger-who is reorganizing her nail polish by colour instead of brand. Fun!

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  1. This Color Is Perfect For This Season!


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