Sunday, October 16, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

These pictures are not 100% colour-accurate because they were taken at dusk. Then again, because of varying computers, colour-settings, lighting, and tints, none of the pictures you see are 100 % accurate.

So there.


 I picked up Royal Cloak on a lark. I wasn't looking for nail polish at the time, but seeing as how purple is one of my three 'true-north' colours, I just had to buy this one.

In spite of my past issues with Revlon's formula (I usually find them too slippery, chippy, and/or thick), I really love this colour. 
The formula wasn't bad either, I didn't see any of the typical sins,
and that's fantastic. I hate complaining, so I usually seek out brands that don't give me much to complain about.
 (Unless I really like the colour)

Royal Cloak is truly a stunner. It's a medium purple with irregular-sized clear glass-flecks. I always judge how much I love a colour by how often I stop and stare at my nails; I did it a lot with this one.
I really like what Revlon is doing lately. Not only did they kill my Paradoxal lemming, but they've come up with some pretty nice original colours as well. I also love the fact that they're reasonably priced at a time when most drugstore brands are going the pretentious route and charging salon prices for sub-par quality.
Thankfully, Revlon has remained true to its affordably-priced roots.

3 coats outdoors no flash


indoors with flash (probably the closest i could get to the true-to-life colour)

I am currently in the middle of cataloguing my stash. I started last year, but stopped when I realized I had more than 500 bottles of nail polish. I don't even want to know how much I have now, but, it's  necessary. My mother, who has never been supportive of my collecting, once told me that I probably wouldn't notice if one was missing. I responded by telling her that there's a gaping hole in my OPI red stash where I'm Not Really A Waitress should be. She was stunned at the fact that I remembered the name, and the fact that someone borrowed it and didn't return it.  I'm not bothered though, I never really "got" the hype surrounding that colour.
Wish me luck :P
Happy Sunday!

Ginger-who is happy to say that my collection is less than 1000. I hope XD


  1. Great color! I'm curious as to how many bottles of polish you have. I stopped counting quite a few months ago...


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