Tuesday, October 4, 2011

List Of The Week: Friends

Hello All!
This week's playlist is devoted to friends. Truth be told, I only have a few close friends in real life (most introverts do), but I also have and entire list of people I have never met who know more about me than acquaintances I've known for years. People always blame social media for the erosion of inter-personal relationships, but I see it as a way of uniting people Bottom line; there are many different kinds of friends and they all have their place--even if that place is at a distance. While I value (most) of the acquaintances I've made in real life, I can't help but think how great if would be if some of my blogger friends lived close by. Then, at the very least, I'd have someone around who doesn't think I'm nuts for wanting to buy the entire Muppets collection and 3 $18 bottles of nail polish.


(no commentary because the songs speak for themselves)

1.Thank You For Being A Friend-Andrew Gold

2. You've Got A Friend-James Taylor &Carole King

3.That's What Friends Are For-Stevie Wonder,Dionne Warwick,Elton John and Gladys Knight

4.You're My Best Friend-Queen

5.Best Friend-Brandy

6.My Friend-Groove Armada

7.My Friends-Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter (From 'Sweeney Todd')

8.My Friends-Red Hot Chili Peppers


10.With A Little Help From My Friends-Joe Cocker

Happy Tuesday All!

Ginger-who purchased the Del Sol Halloween nail polish. I can't wait to try it!


  1. I wish we lived closer. :(
    I need to go back to Canada!!!

  2. I really only have acquaintances "IRL", honestly. Nobody I've met shares my interests, at all, and while I could go on and on for hours about polish and finishes, honestly, people just think I'm nuts. *sigh* Thank goodness for Twitter and blogging! *hugs* I can't WAIT to see the Del Sol! Their Halloween polish interests me. I'm kind of meh on the Muppets though.


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