Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Revlon:Blackest Black

Hello wonderful people!
Today's swatch is a polish I have had for years and haven't worn much. I think it's due to my initial disappointment when I first bought it. The old cliche 'It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind' is appropriate for this situation; I like this colour now. I like it a lot.

The name is 'Blackest Black', but it's also has blue glitter particles scattered throughout. The base is kind of a creme/jelly hybrid so the glitter is barely visible, but for some reason it works.

I think I was expecting it to be more glittery. Still, this is pretty and chic. The formula is kind of slippery--then again, Revlons usually are. However, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's a cool colour.
3 coats no flash indirect sun

What more can I say? If you love black nail polish you'll love this. I'm not sure if this colour is a part of Revlon's Core line or not. If it is, it's available at most drugstores and you should buy it, if it isn't, well...I guess I'm just taunting you now aren't I?

I need to stop ;)

Have a fabulous day! 
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  1. I wasn't much inspired by this. Until I clicked the photograph and enlarged it. That polish is amazing. Wow. Talk about a sleeper. :D

  2. Love it!! I think the sparkle is just right. And it looks fantastic on you :)

  3. I picked up a Maybelline color that reminds me of this... they said it was "Purple Trend" but I think it looks a little more brown. It has the blue-ish glitter in it as well, and while it transfers to the nail, it isn't as noticeable from far away. I do think this color is very lovely on you though. Thanks for sharing!


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