Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BB Couture Frontier Woman

Medium green with silver micro-glitter? Most definitely!

I cannot articulately express how much I love this colour, it is one of the prettiest greens I own.
I'm really shouldn't be surprised by how gorgeous this is because, after all, this is a BB Couture. 
While OPI has mastered red, and Essie creates lovely neutral pinks, BB Couture makes the most fabulous greens. (i should know, i have most of them :P)

I know my posts are more 'colour commentary' and less 'review', I don't have anything bad to say about this polish. The colour is beautiful, the wear is great, the brush is nice, and the formula is perfection.
2 coats outdoors no flash


different lighting

So yeah, I love it.

Almost as much as I love cake.Maybe more.

Speaking of cake, I always get confused by the name of this polish. I think, 'Frontier Woman, like the chef.'   
The chef is Pioneer Woman, a Frontier Woman would be someone like  Annie Oakley.

Anyway, I think I've gone on long enough. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Mine...well...it was interesting and awesome. I was a little too enthusiastic to share my sarcasm with my coworkers today--- and that always leads to misinterpretations.

At least I didn't insult someones' religion this time : /

Ginger-who has also referred to someone as 'whiny'--to their face, told my boss that,"I'm easier to get along with when people aren't pestering me", and called my supervisor a weirdo.
 Yep, I'm one of those ;)

*I purchased this from Overall Beauty.


  1. i was admonishing myself for getting this one like i don't have enough BB greens already and when i put it on i was shocked at how much i love it, oh to have the money to buy every BB green

  2. I need MORE BB Couture greens in my life. I really do. I haven't found one I didn't like yet! This is freaking awesome, and I adore it on you - and now it's on my ridiculously long BB Couture wishlist.

  3. this is such a stunning shade, hate it when people don't get sarcasm..... :S guess that;s why people are somethimes a little scared of me lol :

  4. Stunning green! And you sound like someone I could work with ;).

  5. Wow, this is really pretty on you! And the name just cracks me up enough to make me want to get it more! Thanks for nice review and pics! Glad I just found your blog.


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