Thursday, October 27, 2011

Avon: Textured Teal

Ocassionally I like to revisit old swatches I've done and try to make them better. I swatched this guy 2 years ago...and I didn't really like how it turned out. My latest photos of it are better, but not by much. Oh well.

Anyway, I love colours like this; vampy, dark, and mysterious. What keeps this from being a standard midnight blue creme is its smokiness. This is so pretty--I wear it all the time!

top: 2 coats with flash, bottom: without flash in lightbox.

In other news, I have a very exciting (to me) theme week planned. I totally dropped the ball for Halloween manis this year (I didn't do any) , but hopefully you will like this much better :)

Details to follow...

Happy Thursday!
Ginger-who has already taken out the garbage, finished a load of laundry, and started supper--all before 8am. Man, I feel productive today!

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  1. HAH. I just started boiling chicken for making a chicken stew, and that was around 7:30 AM this morning! We're on the same track. I don't even know what I'm doing up this early, I'm sure I'll pay for it later. :P
    This is SO pretty, I love the smoky quality.


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