Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Pick: Orly Pixie Dust

3 coats, Direct sun, no flash

shade,no flash,
Hello All! How are things?
I've been pretty busy at work but life is good. I have plenty of crappy reality TV shows to watch, all of my old favourites are coming back on, and I have loads of new books to read.

Oh, I'm also wearing this beautiful (previously untried) Orly. I've had this since 2009 and I DIDN'T WEAR IT FOR 2 YEARS! Yet I still keep buying more. *sigh*


Pixie Dust is stunning. It has a blue-toned grey jelly base with clear micro-glitter. It's truly one of the hidden gems in my stash, easily overshadowed by flashier colours. Still, this one is a keeper. It's even subtle enough to wear in the office. (Not that I'd ever work in an office--I'm just saying you could wear it there if you wanted.)

Pixie Dust was released as a part of Orly's  Once Upon A Time Collection. (one of their best-- if I do say so myself) It might take some digging, but I think this is still available.

That's all for now, I hope you're all having a wonderful day :)

Ginger-who has been given plenty to rant about this week so I think I'm gonna :P


  1. lol that's a long time for you polish to be untried.. but.. i think i understand. hehe. it's really pretty though.

  2. i love it. wanted this, but never got it =( i loved that collection!


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