Thursday, September 29, 2011

OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You?

This was supposed to be my 'Pink Wednesday' post, but as chance would have it, I didn't get to edit it because my housemate needed to use the computer for business purposes. I opted for falling asleep during Modern Family instead (dang!) Fortunately the Wednesday episode is repeated tonight, so I'll get to watch after all :)

I love fuchsia with a passion. Most of my pink clothing is fuchsia, and pink makeup I buy is fuchsia, and nail polish? forget it! Fuchsia is queen. No matter how many I have I'll insist I need the latest one...and that is why I bought this beauty from OPI's summer mini-collection Nice Stems.

indoors no flash
light box

Be A Dahlia Won't You isn't the most unique of fuchsias but it's gorgeous. Sometimes I get a little too hung up on how unique a colour is and don't consider whether or not I like it. Well, Be A Dahlia is a colour that I love. It's a vibrant fuchsia with blue,purple and pink shimmer and it's pretty close to perfect formula-wise. Can't go wrong with that.

My staunch refusal to adhere to nail polish colour seasons has been well-documented on this blog. That hasn't changed. I wore this yesterday and as I type this I'm wearing 'Red' My Fortune Cookie, (a Spring 2010 release.) I like brights because they make me happy, and I'll wear them when I want...alongside my vampy purples,blues and reds.

I hope you will all feel free to do the same :)

Peace <3
Ginger-who is definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving. Mmmm...stuffing!


  1. I'm wearing fuchsia on my toes right now! *highfive* This may not be unique, but it's GORGEOUS on you.

  2. hmm il ove me some fuchsia ness. and shimmer. looks amazing


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