Thursday, August 18, 2011

Classic#3 Red

Red is my favourite! Pink will be my favourite colour forever, but my go-to nail polish shade is always red. Someday (when I'm more organized) I will show you my entire collection of shimmery reds.

 It is truly a sight to behold.

Red has never gone out of style. It has been called 'basic' by some nail polish fanatics--self included--and 'trashy' by really conservative older ladies, (and a few ignorant young ones). The honest truth is, finding a really great red is like finding a really great pair of jeans. Once you have it you'll be able to wear it forever. It's sexy, bold, elegant, and fun. Everyone who wears it looks good in it and there's a shade to fit everyone's personal taste and colouring.

Did I mention that I love it?

Ozotics #621 has quickly become one of my favourites of all time.

2 coats,Seche Clear basecoat,SecheVite topcoat,


indirect sun,no flash
It's a 'barely-there' scattered holo, but I don't even care. It's beautiful! It looks like magma with holographic shimmer. So pretty! I wore this one for a week, I loved it so much. I think I'm going to need more of these :)

So what's your favourite shade of red?

Happy Thursday!

Ginger-who is NOT going to buy any more nail polish!!! I think.


  1. MAC Shirelle & RBL Chinoise are two of my faves.

  2. I'm glad to find an other red lover in you! :)

    It's my go to color, something I'm always on to wear. I've always been a black cherry or true red person but I've learned to expand my spectrum and realized lately that a orange/tomato red is insanely sexy too. So I don't know which one in my collection is my favorite to be honest. Probably just a perfect neutral bright creme. I love how simple, strong, frank, plain and assured it looks just by itself. It's here. Period. Without manners. Red is rad.

    I dream to find the perfect bright red linear holo. Maybe someday?

  3. It's so funny to see Nat's comment, because when I think of red I think of her a lot - I know she adores red probably as much as you do!
    I myself have never been comfortable in red. Anything! I don't like red on me, I don't think it looks good. I keep trying to push myself, because I should try more red polish. This, I would wear! It's stunning and glowy and it looks fantastic on you.

  4. This is very pretty!
    My personal favorite is China Glaze - Raspberry Festival.


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