Monday, August 15, 2011

Classic Colour #1: Black

 I never thought I'd live to see the day when black nail polish would be considered a classic. Formerly the domain of rockers, punks, and goths, black has stepped out of the shadows (no pun intended) and has become *gasp* mainstream.

When I was a kid, the only time you could get black nail polish was during Halloween. No mainline drugstore brands even offered it (aside from Wet 'N' Wild). Slowly, standards began to change. Colours got brighter and wilder, and brands like Revlon branched out from the norm with their vibrant Street Wear line.

As late as 1998, I was ostracized for wearing black nail polish. "It looks, bad", It's too 'witchy'  (whatever that means.)  But I wore it anyway because black nail polish looks great on everyone; men, women, young girls, older women, fashionistas and punks.

 It even looks great chipped!

 (don't do it though-chipped polish is one of my pet peeves)

It was gratifying to see the same naysayers who scolded me for wearing black rocking it themselves a few years later. Copycats.

I love being right.

One of my favourite shades of black was released this spring by Rescue Beauty Lounge. Iconoclast is a beautiful black with rainbow shimmer. In most lights it looks like a black creme, but direct sun brings out the shine. Black never looked so good.

2 coats direct sun

Like it or loathe it, black is here to stay. Every brand I can think of has at least one shade of black in their core line, middle-aged women and teens wear it proudly, and it is the go-to neutral (yes, black is a neutral!) in the fashion industry.

So what do you think about black? Love it or hate it?

Happy Monday!

Ginger-who also loves to wear black clothing.


  1. LOVE it. I have always been a huge fan of black polish even when it wasn't fashionable, I was wearing the Wet N Wild stuff! This is a beauty.

  2. Love it. Black is my colour (even if it's not a colour, haha) with clothes and also with polish. If I seriously don't know what to put on my nails I'll choose either green or black.


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