Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classic #2 Beige/Nude

I can hear the yawns from here. Nail polish of the beige/nude variety somehow manages to be both appealing and mind-numbingly drab. Most people wouldn't give it a second glance if they saw it in the store. It's not eye-catching, it's not vibrant, and it's not "pretty". But if you work in a very conservative environment, taupe/beige is a perfect 'take-me-seriously-because-I'm-hard-at-work' colour.

For some odd reason I've always loved beige. I wore it all the time during my teen years. My nails were really long back then, so I was always looking for shades that didn't draw so much attention to them. (hint: it never worked)

I don't gravitate toward beige as much as I used to, but I still love most shades of it.

I bought Fedora by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (phew!) a few months ago.
It's a warm beige/nude with soft gold shimmer. I've worn it a few times and while my customers don't like it much, ("too bland!", one of them said), I love how subtle and unassuming it is.

I could wear it to a funeral. Or a wedding.

No matter how many other colours I acquire, I will always make room for beige. For the record, I never refer to colours like this as 'nude' because they are never 'nude' to me.
Back when Mannequin Hands was a huge trend I thought, 'I don't think there is a colour that closely matches my skin tone,'

Story of my cosmetics life.

Do you like beige/nude nail polish?  What do you think about mannequin hands?

Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

Ginger-who broke down and ordered the vampy half of China Glaze's Metro collection. Can't wait to try Skyscraper :)


  1. I never have found a mannequin hands shade that matches me. And I actually tried! The only makeup I've gotten a perfect foundation match for has been indie mineral.
    But, I love neutrals. And this is really pretty - that shimmer just amps it up. There have been several Color Club collections that have some gorgeous, gorgeous neutrals that I see people complain about - but I really like them.


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