Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh, Canada You Deserve Better Than This...

But...Happy Independence Day, My American Friends!

In lieu of posting an Independence Day themed mani (all of you lovely American ladies will do much better than me), I'm going to show you my fail-tastic Canada Day look :P

A few days ago I mentioned that my Canada Day mani was "delightfully obnoxious". It was, but I left out the fact that (to me) it was a massive fail.

The base colour is gorgeous. I used 3 coats of Zoya Karina (a  cool-toned medium crimson from last fall's Wicked collection), and thought it would look really awesome with white and gold maple leaf stamps courtesy of Bundlemonster plate BM04 . What I didn't bank on was the near-invisibility of the gold polish (I used Konad Special polish in Gold, thinking it would "pop" on the nail. It didn't).

So all I had was a few deformed  white maple leaves, and one coat of Winter Glitterland by Nicole by OPI to cover up the mess.
At least Nuni thought it was pretty :/

As for Canada Day, I didn't really do much of anything. Summer holidays in general are a low-key affair, so I usually spend them resting or hanging out with friends. This year was all about rest. And lasagna.

North America as a whole is pretty great. My family has been in Canada for 6 generations, but we all came here from the U.S. hundreds of years ago (with the exception of a few Brits...and possibly some Jamaicans) I also still have kin in Louisiana, Virginia,  and Massachusetts. I'm a proud Canadian girl, but my roots are planted deeply in American soil.

I love that :)

So if you are celebrating, Happy Independence Day! Be safe, and have fun <3

Ginger-who will be spending my Independence day doing housework. Oh boy.

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  1. Haha, this is so much better than my Fourth of July mani ! That was a true disaster. Oh well. We have these cute ideas and mine never seem to translate well. I love that base color, it's gorgeous!


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