Thursday, July 21, 2011

List Of The Week: The Name Game

Songs with names in the title.

1.Eleanor-Low Millions This song was the inspiration for this playlist. I was an earworm for an entire week. Good thing I like Adam Cohen (son of Leonard)

2.Tyrone-Erykah Badu Everyone has had at least one "Tyrone" in their dating history. Some married him : /

3.Roxanne-The Police Will always remind me of this scene in 48 Hours.

4.Sara Smile-Hall &Oates I still can't tell who is Hall and who's Oates, but this song is nice. Especially if your name is Sara.

5.Oh Sherry-Journey Steve Perry for the win! According to pop-up video, the real-life 'Sherry' is in this video. They broke up shortly after this song was released

6.Bernadette-The Four Tops I love the song but the name Bernadette belongs with names like 'Edna' and 'Mildred'--great for 80 year-olds, bad for newborns.

7.Eleanor Rigby-The Beatles Another Eleanor. This is one of my favourite Beatles songs. So sad :(

8.Hey Jude-The Beatles Pissing guys named Jude off since 1968.

9.Meet Virginia-Train Based on the description in the song I would not like to 'meet Virginia'. I would like to avoid her. And possibly cuss her out.

10.Rosanna-Toto Written for Rosanna Arquette.

11.Sara-Jefferson Starship I love Jefferson Airplane. Jefferson Starship can suck rocks.

12.Sunny-Bobby Hebb I just adore this song. I even like the cover by Cher.

13.Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)-Looking Glass

14.Rhiannon-Fleetwood Mac My mother calls this 'that witchy song'. I think it's pretty. I love story-songs and this is one of the best. Plus, the name Rhiannon is lovely.

Do you all have any ideas for playlists? Submissions? I can organize playlists for days, but I always choose the same songs and need something different every so often.

Let me know in the comments!

Ginger-who is going to do a haul post next. I will try my hardest not to brag.


  1. ee i love roxanne.
    and the Tyrone song is so bad.. whenever i meet someone named that.. all i think about is that song.

  2. Tyrone...damn do I love that song. And I still quote from it.
    I'm a little miffed that you did not include "Mandy" by Barry Manilow. He wrote the songs after all... ;)

    There's a song called Jennifer by a an obscure rock band, Axe. I sing it to my sister all the time.

    I'm sure I'll come up with playlist ideas for you. Whether you want them or not is another story.


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